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I am 76 years old priest, i have grew old in serving the spirits and i have been able to gain access to the realm of spirituality which gives me the powers to unlock wealth and make anyone rich. My money ritual spell is what the world most powerful and greatest men of all time, the great philosophers who are now dead and world top business men & women used to become rich and even to get more money that will never dry up like waters of the deep sea.

My money spell is purely holy ritual spell casting, it takes 20 hours to cast this money rituals. I have done this money ritual spell for most richest world leaders of most powerful and developed countries.

I Lord San was born in mumbai in to a priesthood family of the holy witchcraft, as the first child i took after my father who was the former priest of money and lottery rituals temple before me. I took over my father when he died at 183 years old at his bed. My grand father also died at the very same age, my great grand-father also died at the very same age. We do not fall sick in our family because we have the blood covenant of the gods running in our veins. Not until the day my parents died no one has ever fall sick or take medicine to cure any sickness ever before in my family. I am happy to serve the gods and do whatever it is to grant everyone's heart desire to get rich and wealthy.